Guangdong, according to Nigeria underwear Co., Ltd. located in China's underwear cultural origins - China's South China Sea Yanbu, Yanbu is the first domestic production enterprises. The whole plant construction area of ​​38,000 square meters, the environment is comfortable, but also has a number of leisure and entertainment, for the whole plant staff to provide a beautiful work and living environment.

Since the establishment of Nigeria underwear Co., Ltd. has been well received by all walks of life, with "quality first, the customer first, reputable," the purpose of providing customers with professional, high quality, sincere and efficient services to win the trust of countless customers And support, so that according to Nepalese underwear Co., Ltd. stores like springing up the occupation of the Pearl River Delta and the major cities, so that her products sell well throughout the country and Hong Kong and Macao, overseas and other regions. In the underwear industry in a break into the "according to Nepalese, colorful, according to Nepalese modern" three brands of new world, so that all women understand, know, love her.

According to the strength of Nigeria underwear Co., Ltd., the elite blend, cohesion of a large number of outstanding designers, planners and high-quality management team, constantly updated equipment, the introduction of Japan's most advanced automatic locomotive and AGMS grading, nesting, , The French and Japanese noble Levi Si lace, the French fashion embroidery water-soluble printed fabrics, Korean color velvet fabric, flowers bright, exaggerated, lace yarn intertwined, strong, to ensure that the product is beautiful and fastness, and inherited The French romantic romantic exaggerated design techniques, colorful, publicity, completely highlight the personality of fashion elements, designed a series of underwear, underwear, corset, swimsuit, pajamas, home service, and fashion trends, leading fashion, Is the charm of women.

Sync with The trend

leading the fashion, although women are charm.

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In accordance with the Nepalese underwear Co., Ltd. in the underwear design, production closely follow the pace of fashion and dedication to meet the fashion requirements of consumers in the strong strength of the support several times at home and abroad related to awards, enough to match with international brands. In accordance with the Nepalese underwear Co., Ltd. has been tough and confident to face the opportunities and challenges of underwear industry, never give up the ranks among the famous brand of underwear struggle. In the way forward, and sincerely hope to work with you to create brilliant.